BAZAAR Spa Awards 2018: Most Rejuvenating Vajacial

BAZAAR reveals the 75 exclusive winners of Spa Awards 2018. Indulge, relax, and find peace with high-tech treatments and all-natural rituals— only at these picture-perfect spas.

Most Rejuvenating Vajacial

Madaline Nails & Waxing Salon by Glitters

Complete Vajacial, RM138 for 35 minutes

Smooth Operator

The thought of going through a Brazilian wax may be daunting, but an aftercare in the form of a vajacial to pamper your nether regions makes it all worth it in the end. Using Waxxxpress waxes from Caronlab Australia, Madaline Nails & Waxing Salon begins the cheeky obstacle course with a Brazilian wax, followed by a calming vajacial consisting of a brightening mask and calming soothing lotion applied on the waxed areas and inner thighs.

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Right at Home

Formulated without gum rosin, the Waxxxpress wax promises to keep your skin free of allergic reactions and any discomfort suitable for those with irritable skin. Glitters’s friendly yet professional waxologists will also make you feel at home at all times, which is, really, the best way to begin and end this rejuvenating session.

Lighten Up

To brighten and even out skin tone, South Beach Skin Solutions’s Lightening Gel is applied onto the area. Infused with natural and safe ingredients such as licorice root extract, Arctostaphylosuva-ursi extract, and carbomer, this gel reduces tyrosinase activities and curbs the production of melanin. Say hello to a brighter, pampered new you.

FF-223, 4th Floor, The Gardens Mall. Tel: 03-2282 8813.