The 10 Best Luxury Hand Soaps

The formulas that won't leave your hands dry and sore.


Hand wash probably doesn’t rank high on your list of pulse-raising beauty purchases – or at least, it didn’t before 2020 arrived. Now, a chic bottle of liquid soap makes the endless hand-washing cycle a little less tedious, and even a touch luxurious.The best luxury hand soaps do more than simply cleanse, too. Deliciously scented, they’ll add a sense of ritual to that 17th turn of the taps. And of course, the best-looking bottles are a status-symbol sink accessory (especially if they come with sustainable credentials to boot).


Here, see the Bazaar  verdict on the top luxury hand soaps to place in your home. They make a thoughtful gift in these trying times, too.

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Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash

If Aesop’s hand soap looks familiar, it’s because it features in the bathroom of every buzzy bar and restaurant across the country. Not just a very good-looking bottle, this refreshing soap is fragranced with rosemary and lavender essential oils: a truly crowd-pleasing scent.





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