The New Anastasia Beverly Hills App Is Here To Save Your Eyebrows

It’s a virtual brow appointment on your phone.


Lockdown has provided two very unique eyebrow experiences. Some have seen staying home more as a chance to baby their brows back to health. Others? Well, let’s just say it was rough for those accustomed to getting their brows done in a salon. Luckily, Anastasia Beverly Hills’ new augmented reality brow app is for both types of beauty fans.


Yep, you read that right—augmented reality brow app. Sounds complicated, but think of it more like an extremely intelligent social media filter that’ll show you exactly how to shape and groom your brows at home. Out now on iOS, The Brow App blends together custom 3D tech, a patented algorithm, and Anastasia Beverly Hills’s Golden Ratio eyebrow shaping method to provide a filter-like image of yourself with Anastasia Soare-approved brows. Preferences such as eyebrow color and shape are taken into consideration, as well.

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Not so sure about trusting your brows to an algorithm? Download the app before you judge. It works shockingly well—blurring and hiding your old brows out of sight, then adding illustration-like arches in your chosen color and shape that move with your face, so you can see what they’d look like at unique angles.


“The right brows have the power to transform your entire look, creating a sense of balance and proportion. This app analyzes your face and finds the perfect shape for your unique bone structure,” noted Anastasia Soare, Anastasia Beverly Hills CEO and Founder, in the press release. “Developing The Brow App over the past year has been a labor of love. We’re so excited to finally bring this new technology to our community, and perfect people’s brows all over the world.”

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Currently, the brow app is available in the United States in English, German, and French, with more language options planned out for the upcoming months. Once you’ve found your ideal brows, you can click through the app’s other features, too: the step-by-step Brow Mirror guide, brow tutorial gallery, and in-app product shopping via The Brow App’s exclusive launch partner, Ulta Beauty. Because, as we all know, the best part of embracing a new brow shape is getting to know new brow products.


The Brow App is available on iOS now and on Android March 15



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