Vanessa Kirby Stuns in Cartier La Panthére Perfume Campaign

Showing elegance, strength, and nature, the new Cartier La Panthére perfume campaign celebrates Vanessa Kirby’s role as the brand ambassador of the French Maison. 

Through the campaign, the British actress is seen embracing her independence, determination, and regal, just like Cartier’s iconic animal, the panther. Inspired by the bridge between real and supernatural, the La Panthére campaign embodies the Maison’s creative spirit and temperament. 

Everything you need to know about the Cartier La Panthére perfume:

In the film campaign, Cartier is seen returning to the origins of its beloved animal, guided by Kirby. Situated in the heart of the tropical forest, Kirby is seen frolicking within the greenery. Known for its life and beauty, the nature aspect of the film makes it even dreamier. Trusting her instincts, The Crown actress showcased the shift into accepting her alter ego, a feline, the reflection of her personality, both predatory and protective. 

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The film also captures the beautiful visualisation and olfactory power of La Panthère de Cartier’s perfume. Created in 2014, this fragrance brings the Chypre family back into the spotlight with a new floral-feline accord. The fragrances sees the union of a historic chypre, a mythical animal musk and a fresh, vibrant gardenia. Desired by Mathilde Laurent, the Maison’s perfumer, the perfume is sensual and beautiful. 

“Every woman has a feline side and every flower has a hidden animal essence,” said Laurent.

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