Register For Your Free Tickets on ‘Life After Covid-19: Preparing for the “New Normal”’ Webinar

Register For Your Free Tickets on ‘Life After Covid-19: Preparing for the “New Normal”’ Webinar

Are you ready to embrace change after the lockdown?

Never did we think we would live to see a pandemic the magnitude of which is currently sweeping through the world. Not in our lifetimes, at least.  What we deemed as normal before the Movement Control Order came into being may never return. What then can we expect, and how can we prepare for what’s coming? You will discover the answers to these questions from one of the biggest and FREE webinars organised by Blu Inc Media Sdn Bhd, Comfori Sdn Bhd & REI Group!

Date: Monday, April 27

Time: 2.00pm – 4pm via ZOOM


Seats are complimentary and on a first-come, first-served basis!


The Great Lockdown: Is it all Doom & Gloom?
We are in times with no precedent, and a new world is in the making. What can we expect in the coming 6, 12, 18 months economy-wise? What will this mean for our jobs?

Get Future – Ready
We need to refresh and re-learn to avoid becoming expendable. Future-skill yourself with digital transformation and learn how not to get cut-off in the new reality.

The Future for Businesses and Entrepreneurs
Being comfortable with discomfort is going to be a new way forward for businesses and for entrepreneurs to bring their ventures to the next level. Learn how to get future-ready and be a winner

Communicate Your Personal Brand and Intentions
Market yourself post-COVID-19 knowing what you want to say. Job-seekers and would-be entrepreneurs, learn how to put your message out to the world while staying authentic and focused.

Mind Over Matter
How to improve your relationships with colleagues, family, and friends, nourish your life and find a balance. Whether you are unemployed or employed, you must train yourself now to feel valuable and productive later.


Dr. Daniele Gambero
“The Propenomist”
Co-founder and Group CEO of REI group of Companies – Founder of Propenomy Academy

An expatriate from Italy in Malaysia who’s been here since 1998, Dr. Daniele is the Co-founder and Group CEO of REI group of Companies. For years, he has been a recognized and sought-after international speaker and strategic advisor for Malaysian developers and state and federal government agencies. His columns on economic and property outlooks have been published by the mainstream media in Malaysia and he has been a guest on TV, radio and podcast shows.

Roberto Cumaraswamy
Marketing Consultant, TEDx Speaker, Trainer and Interviewer

Roberto Cumaraswamy is a Marketing Consultant, TEDx Speaker, Trainer and Interviewer, with over 22 years of experience at a senior management level across a wide range of industries and companies. He helps businesses and subject matter experts grow through better branding, digital marketing and brand storytelling. He speaks and trains on the following marketing related topics: Digital & social media marketing, content marketing, ecommerce marketing, employer branding and personal branding, and brand storytelling. He has built and led marketing teams from 5 to 25 people at these companies in Malaysia and Indonesia: Celcom, XL Axiata, LÓreal, British American Tobacco, IMU (International Medical University), Volcanic, LUX Asia Pacific, KFIT & Lazada.

Ernie Chen
Asia’s No.1 Business Coach, Life & Business Transformation Strategist

Ernie is currently the President and Group CEO of the PORTMAN Education Group. He is an award-winning entrepreneur, a world-travelling international speaker and a sought-after Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 MNC advisor. His success and achievements have been featured on most local and regional mainstream media, TV and radio stations and magazines.

Seema Viswanathan
Editor-in-Chief of Blu Inc Media Sdn Bhd

Seema Viswanathan is an Editor-in-Chief at Blu Inc Media Sdn Bhd, Malaysia’s leading publisher of lifestyle magazines. She has over 25 years of content creation experience across both print and digital platforms. Her work involves crafting and communicating key messages for a wide variety of brands and individuals for their desired audiences.

Jessie Lee
Founder of Soleil Trinity Resource

Jessie Lee is a life coach, emotional catalyst and a well-known professional instructor of Face Reading and Body Language among others. She is the founder of Soleil Trinity Resource and has over 20 years of diverse experience as an instructor and a consultant. Jessie has a string of A-list clients, including high profile entrepreneurs and top executives of global brands, celebrities, royalty and politicians from both the local and international scenes. Using her skills and razor-sharp instincts, Jessie has also successfully expanded her reach to Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Philippines, Australia, the United Kingdom, Spain and the USA.


Working Professionals

Business Leaders

Entrepreneurs/ Start-ups

Potential new business owners


Seats are complimentary and on a first-come, first-served basis!


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