#TheList: How To Make Your Home More Insta-Worthy

Picture-perfect interiors are just a click away… By Lauren Sheffield

Courtesy of Jae Joo

A good "Insta-worthy" shot simultaneously captures the essence of your own aesthetic and heralds a picture-perfect moment, whether it be an #OOTD or let's be honest, the immaculate avocado toast you had for breakfast. When it comes to interiors, that Insta-worthy moment translates to artfully-choosen coffee tables and enviable furniture. Here, Noa Santos, the CEO & Founder of Homepolish, a premier design service, has worked with style set notables like Karlie Kloss and Marianna Hewitt. From idyllic shelving to eye-catching art, discover Santos's tips and tricks below on how to fashion your own Instagram-worthy space.

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Courtesy of Mandy Cheng

2. Mix & Match

“Adding depth to a space doesn’t have to be hard. Start small by mixing textures with a fur throw on a leather chair and a handwoven tray.”

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