Collection Report: Spring/Summer ’20—Spark The World’s Crucial Dialogues

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“It’s a part of french history that’s very interesting … the emancipation of women. ” – Nicolas Ghesquière

Ending Paris Fashion Week on a high, Louis Vuitton creative director Nicolas Ghesquière went against his retro-future tendencies with a collection that celebrated the grandeur of Belle Époque. “It’s a part of French history that’s very interesting in art, as well as culturally, in terms of emancipation of women, and of course, in literature with Proust,” said the designer. With that in mind, the era’s pouf sleeves, iris boutonnières, Gibson Girl hairdos, and Art Nouveau accoutrements were all present, but all irreverently juxtaposed against quirky novelties like a VHS bag that opened the show, and lest you forget—the set’s sustainably sourced plywood installation, which was later donated for reuse as part of a partnership with Artstock.

Belle Époque sensualism against the show’s sustainably sourced plywood set at Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer ’20

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