Dior Presents Lucky Dior, The Modern Bee

The emblems of The Bee, Lily-of-the-Valley, Clover, Rose, Star and the Initials are combined with a kaleidoscope of colours for Dior’s latest jewellery line, Lucky Dior. The Lucky Dior line adds a new twist to the signet ring, a timeless piece of jewellery that is imbued with tradition and often passed down through generations.

As written in the memoirs of Christian Dior,

A small hive filled to bursting, thats what my house was like when I presented my collection…

The Bee was a metaphor used to describe the ateliers of 30 Avenue Montaigne where seamstresses were given the nickname of bees, meticulous and ever-busy. At present day, the House unveils a collection that preserves this legacy. Explore the many facets of the Signet ring, a touch of modern refinement.