Lisa Von Tang Takes Us Through A Journey Back in Time with ‘The 5 Elements’ Collection

“This is a journey back in time” writes Lisa, designer of Singaporean-born label Lisa Von Tang in a personal essay about the ‘5 Elements‘ collection that was debuted in Kuala Lumpur. A collection that was created by Lisa’s very own re-connection back to Mother Nature, the 5 Elements scent line dives into the primal forces and has five fragrances representing: Earth, Fire, Water, Metal, and Wood.


The luxe-streetwear brand is known for spreading the message of empowerment through creating designs from a medley of textiles and excess sustainable fabrics that feature Western and Chinese designs and has been seen on celebrities that include Cara Delevigne, Mick Jagger, Adriana Lima, and Eve.

Debuting her first fragrance collection at CÉ LA VI, Kuala Lumpur where Lisa Von Tang presented an ethereal performance art show that stemmed back to the inspiration of the collection and the need for humanity to be more environmentally conscious. The launch included an interactive section where guests could discover their Chinese element and horoscope according to their birth dates.

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The 5 Elements Scent Collection

To reduce the environmental impact, the manufacturing of the scent and its packaging was kept local. The label also supports local environmental NGOs with each bottle sold. In Kuala Lumpur, Lisa Von Tang teamed up with Rebekah Yeoh‘s social enterprise, Recyclothes due to their promotion of sustainable living through recycling clothing.

Click through to check out what went down at the launch and to discover the 5 Elements collection:

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Yi Ping, Lisa Von Tang and Rebekah Yeoh

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