Maison Valentino Releases Haute Couture Book ‘Rosso’

This fall, Italian fashion label Valentino continues its foray into the world of literature with the release of a book centred on its iconic house colour, Rosso Valentino.

Haute Couture Book Rosso by Valentino

From Valentino Garavani to their latest creative director, Pierpaolo Piccioli, the story and images publicise the evolution of the iconic colour derived from the Maison's roots. Displaying Valentino's one-of-a-kind colour creations and unlimited variations, such as Valentino Pink PP – from Valentino's Fall/Winter 2022-2023 collection – this book depicts the evolution of the Rosso Valentino.

Values, emotions, and the beautiful identity of the Maison's history are what Pierpaolo Piccioli wished to highlight in the book.

“This book it’s not a retrospective, not a celebration, and it’s not even a didactic guide. It’s simply the way we work. Valentino Archive is an alive and pulsing ecosystem in which all of our treasures are ready to tell their own stories when interrogated. This time we wanted to know how many red dresses we have, how to present Rosso Valentino is in all of our creations. So this book, maybe, is an answer to that question, or the beginning of something more. What is sure is that none of that could have ever been possible without the incomparable genius of Mr Valentino himself and without the work, the dedication, the perseverance and the talent of every single seamstress and tailor that transformed our ideas into reality.”  — Pierpaolo Piccioli

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