The Mini Clic® is The New IT-Bag

This MINI CLIC® bag is a showstopper

Curating bags since 2009, Massimo Giorgetti really knows his way in the fashion industry. Creating unique pieces, he blends his hobbies with his most inventive aesthetic and artistic expressions for his fashion brand, MSGM. The fashion house introduces MSGM CLIC®, a brand-new family of accessories that reflects the brands DNA.

Scroll on for their 3D/CGI campaign video campaign

The collection’s name is as fresh and simple as its attitude, originating from the repeating element that defines all creations. The MSGM style, better known as the unique snap clasp inspired by traditional school bags and satchels is a heritage reference turned-ultra-contemporary feature. With strong Vichy prints, eye-catching daisies, and “tutti-frutti” motifs in monochrome vibrant yellow, pink, and green tones, for all showgoers out there, this one is for you .

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Let’s take a look at some of the IT-Bags:

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