20 Things We Love: The Future Is Here

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#5: …Online

What sparked your vision for The Fabricant?

We saw the opportunity to create a more sustainable future for the fashion industry and to spark a wave of creativity within fashion using materials we that could not exist in real life.

What is the creative process like?

Our ‘Deep’ collection was inspired and created by an algorithm that predicted the shape and the colour, so it’s all about using technology to your benefit and combining all kinds of technologies into a new aesthetic language. In the future, I would love to have pieces with waterfalls on them, or materials that cannot exist in the real world.

Is digital clothing the future?

I see fashion becoming a part of our lives as an identity that we can turn on and off. The digital world in the future—we’ll be able to touch it, interact with it, it will be floating around us to become a mixed reality, with the real world and the digital world merging together.

The future of fashion goes virtual


The GBP 7,500 dress that doesn’t exist, designed by The Fabricant


Fabricant founder and designer, Amber Slooten

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