Christian Louboutin and Marvel Join Forces To Create a Unique Capsule Collection

Step into the Marvel Universe.

In celebration of the Disney100, Marvel and Christian Louboutin have joined forces to curate a stunning collection of footwear and accessories destined for every personality. In case you didn’t know, Christian Louboutin is a fan of superheroes, which makes sense why this collaboration came so naturally to the designer.

To mark this momentous collaboration, Louboutin is also introduced as a superhero in an exclusive comic book based and co-created by the designer himself. Blending the legacy of Christian Louboutin’s savoir-faire and the immersing storytelling of Marvel, the collection takes inspiration from three Marvel entities: The Infinity Stones, Namor and Moon Knight.

Everything you need to know about the Christian Louboutin x Marvel collection:

If you take a closer look, you’ll spot inspiration from The Infinity Stones embedded with strass into two unique heels for both men and women. On the other hand, the designer uses Namor’s serene underwater world and reinvents the signature Louboutin scales into whimsical fish scales titled Spikes Namor. Taking inspiration from Moon Knight, you’ll find influences from the character’s mysterious black and silver suit throughout the Christian Louboutin x Marvel collection.

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The longstanding friendship between luxury fashion brand Christian Louboutin and entertainment giant The Walt Disney Company is a match made in fashion and film heaven. With over 25 years of collaboration under their belt, their latest joint venture is a stunning joint logo, fusing the iconic Marvel red with Christian Louboutin’s signature hue. This partnership has produced some of the most memorable and glamorous designs, from the Cinderella shoe to Maleficent. It’s no wonder why these two powerhouses continue to captivate the fashion world with their collaborations.

What’s the story behind the exclusive comic book?

The renowned shoe designer has recently added another creative feat to his impressive portfolio. He has teamed up with Marvel to create a special-edition comic book that will captivate audiences across all comic book fans and every fashion darlings.

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Drawing inspiration from his North African heritage and a childhood fascination with Egyptian gods and pharaohs, Louboutin has crafted a tale that centres around the powerful Infinity Stones.

The story follows an Egyptian archaeologist Super Hero on a thrilling quest that takes place in the heart of Egypt. Readers will be delighted to see popular Marvel characters such as Black Widow, Shuri, the Guardians of the Galaxy, and the Avengers make appearances throughout the pages.

Taken from a statement, “Who never dreamed of becoming a superhero, really? And I’m lucky enough to be turning into one with none other than Marvel! I really like the fact that they didn’t try to picture me as a strong and muscular character but went deeper in the understanding of my universe. They went into the power of creativity and imagination: Someone who makes individuals dream and empowers them. When one manages to make people dream and inspire passion in them, it’s as much a superpower as it is an honour.”

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Discover the collection here.


All images courtesy of Christian Louboutin

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