Lululemon Launches its “Find Your Wellbeing” Campaign Featuring Taeyang and JEON SOMI

Find your wellbeing with Lululemon.

Lululemon, the iconic activewear brand, has just launched its latest campaign, “Find Your Wellbeing,” which is based on insights revealed in the company’s third annual Global Wellbeing Report. The campaign is designed to unlock drivers and tackle barriers to wellbeing, primarily for men and Gen Z, and promises to be a refreshing take on holistic health.

Inside the launch of Lululemon “Find Your Wellbeing” campaign:

A preview event was held on 11 October in Seoul, South Korea, and the occasion was graced by VIPs, celebrities, athletes from around Asia, and field experts, including psychologists and Lululemon ambassadors. This includes notable stars like Korean star Yeri (Red Velvet), Japanese celebrities Aya Asahina and Genki Iwahashi, Thailand stars Thanaerng and Koen Setsuwan and our very own Jenn Chia from Malaysia.

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The four-day event at Seoul’s Cociety venue, featuring global Korean icons Taeyang and JEON SOMI, was a sight to behold. This was an invitation for all to embark on their personal path to physical, mental, and social wellbeing.

Guests were treated to an immersive experience that offered a chance to make space for themselves and take a moment of mindfulness from the outside world. It encouraged guests to move their bodies, grow their minds, and connect with others.

The event’s three themed areas offered a curated exploration of being well, including an immersive, boundary-pushing art installation by floral artist Hai Ihwa.

The social, community space at The Clubhouse allowed guests to connect with others and embrace the essence of Lululemon. The movement and mindfulness zone called The Studio featured wellbeing sessions hosted by Lululemon ambassadors, as well as talks hosted by partners and the community.

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The highlight of the event was the wellbeing panel talk, which featured Taeyang and JEON SOMI.

Lululemon’s Gareth Pope, Senior Vice President, Asia Pacific, and Sue Yoon, Country Manager, Korea, shared key findings from the 2023 Global Wellbeing Report.

The panelists included MC Lee Hye-Sung, WERACLE YouTuber, Lululemon ambassador WePark, and psychiatrist Dr. Oh Jin-Sung.

The discussion was lively and informative, with both Taeyang and JEON SOMI sharing their wellbeing tips.

Taeyang expressed, “Even with a busy schedule, I make an effort to keep my wellbeing in the best condition by setting aside time for a walk or a workout. I find inspiration and pursue my own wellbeing through spending quality time with good people, and by journaling about my daily thoughts and emotions before I go to sleep that night.”

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JEON SOMI also shared about her wellbeing tips, saying, “It’s important to listen to your body and do what it wants to do. I’m known to have many friends, and I definitely gain positive energy by spending quality time with various people.”

All guests received a “7 Day Wellbeing Plan” based on their results from the bespoke “Find Your Wellbeing Quiz” offered at The Clubhouse.

This plan promises to inspire and support them in their first or next steps in their wellbeing journey. The “Find Your Wellbeing” campaign will continue to roll out to key cities in Asia throughout the rest of the month.

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All images courtesy of Lululemon.

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