Triumph Signature Sheer: A New Collection That Celebrates Style, Sophistication, and Confidence

Triumph Signature Sheer collection

Triumph has unveiled its Autumn/Winter 2023 collection Signature Sheer: Confidence Redefined as I Make My Mark as part of its continued journey to celebrate the individuality of women, and we are completely in love with the new lingerie pieces in the line. 


Inside the launch of Triumph “Signature Sheer: Confidence Redefined as I Make My Mark”:


Triumph’s Signature Sheer collection is designed to help women feel their most confident – It is more than just lingerie; it is a comprehensive wardrobe of contemporary pieces that encapsulate everything that it means to be comfortable yet elegant.

The collection features bras, underwear, a corset top, and a sheer top, all designed with Triumph’s signature monogram ‘T’ lace pattern and made with essential sheer fabric to create an alluring silhouette while still being supportive.

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The bras are curated to fit women’s needs, with a wired padded bra, a wired bra, and a non-wired deep V bra to choose from. All three bras are designed to support and enhance the natural breast shape.

However, the Signature Sheer underwear is designed to ensure a flawless panty line, with both a maxi and hipster style available. Additionally, the stretchy, breathable and skin-friendly fabric used in the creation of these underwear pieces makes them perfect for all-day use.


Triumph’s debut apparel line

What makes this collection unique are the two additional pieces – the Signature Sheer Corsage and the Signature Sheer Long-Sleeved Top – making these pieces the first apparel line offered by Triumph. 


The Signature Sheer Corsage is a figure-flattering corset top. What’s great about it is the detachable straps that can be worn in multiple ways. In addition to being non-wired for your comfort, the corsage’s padded interior provides lift and shape.

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Together, you can pair it with the Signature Sheer long-sleeved top, a sheer top that is popular because of its asymmetrical modern lace patterns and black high neckline and wristbands for a chic look.

The Triumph Signature Sheer collection starts at RM89.90 and is available to view on their site or in-store.


All images courtesy of Triumph