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Los Angeles based fashion label Wildfox presents its tres glamorous Resort collection titled “Into the Limelight”, drawing inspiration from the iconic Studio 54. See the all of the looks and hear all the story behind the collection.

What is the inspiration of this new collection?
We wanted to revisit the 70’s at its most glamorous moment, Studio 54, and the idea that there was a party where only the most elite, fantastic people were able to get into. Where the regulars defined their own culture by being as eccentric & indulgent as they wanted. A party so exceptional that it’s still unmatched.


Image Courtesy of Widfox

Who are your ideal muses for this collection?
Bianca Jagger and Margaux Hemingway

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What made you identify with and/or choose this concept?
I’ve always been a fan of the 70s aesthetic that Studio 54 brought into the spotlight. It wasn’t Disco or Bohemian, hippy or leisure suits… it was full-on, timeless glam.

What actually sparked the idea was coming across the Warhol Portraits. They are so remarkable and really capture the essence of that era. Each person photographed is a 70s muse, yet the images are so fresh.


Image Courtesy of Widfox

If you could sum up the Resort ‘16 collection in one word, song, or destination what would it be?
“I Feel Love” – Donna Summer

Provide three adjectives that best describe Resort ’16:
70s, Glam, Indulgent


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List any new fabrics, colors, processes, and finishes that are new for Resort ‘16:
We’re experimenting with different embellishment techniques on our new Cashmere Knitwear. We’ve incorporated water-based printing as well as a tonal all-over rhinestone repeat.

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We’ve developed beyond our Essentials program into a few novelty essentials like the Hutton Hoodie & The Fame Jogger. And we introduced a quilted fleece into our Essentials program for the first time.


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Name three staple styles from this collection you would recommend to the Wildfox customer:
1. Hutton Sweatshirt in Heather Burnout- Such a cool design! You can dress this up or down and in either case you’re going to be so cozy in it.

2. Black Cashmere Sedgwick Cardigan – This has “barely there” tonal rhinestones throughout for just the right amount of sparkle.

3. For the tees, it’s a tie between the ‘Champagne Superstar’ & ‘Slay Poodle.’ I think both of these tees really define the vibe of the Season.


Image Courtesy of Widfox

What is your personal favorite piece in this collection and why?
The Addie Sweater hands down. This knit can be worked so many ways – cinched at the waist, worn loose and draped and it’s so easy to dress up or down.

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What are three staple accessories you’d style this collection with?
High Waist Trousers
Leopard Saint Laurent Booties
Vintage Sequin Jacket


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Image Courtesy of Widfox

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