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While tiger print and leopard print are going still strong, we're feeling a subtler approach to animal print—and so are many of our sisters in social media. While the 'gram has gone increasingly beige recently with the proliferation of fashion accounts that favor a concise palette of brown, tan, and white—with that came a more creative and textural approach to these hues. Enter: the snakeskin print. On pants, dresses, and tops, it maintains a neutral disposition while adding an interesting pattern. As a bonus, you get all of the appeal of snake with none of the guilt—this is a print after all, not the real deal.

Let's take a walk down snakeskin lane.

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2 The Boots

These are the pièce de résistance of the snakeskin movementthe ideal way to leverage your basics into something that makes an entranceWe’re especially on board for the knee-height snake boot that the brand Paris, Texas recently reissued after it sold out this fall thanks to super-fan Emily Ratajkowski rocking the boot all over town.

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