The New Insta-Follow: 5 Malaysian Girls With Style We Love

 While there aren't a lot of motivating reasons to dress up these days, wearing clothes other than your pyjamas in lockdown will make you feel good and thus, sets your mind and body for a day of work or activities away from your bed. More than just about fashion, personal style is also a way for you to express yourself and is telling of how you want to be perceived.

Today, there’s a certain pressure to dress up like everyone else. We see it all the time on Instagram with influencers following the same ‘formula’ for a picture-perfect shot. While we can’t deny that it works and looks good, there’s no blueprint to great style and as long as you feel good, it’ll show on the outside. Looking for some style inspiration? Here’s a list of cool-girl Instagram accounts to spark your creativity.

All images are taken from Instagram.

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Evelyn Tay

Athleisure has only grown bigger during the pandemic, confirming that sporty pieces are indeed core wardrobes staples that can be paired with both casual or formal wear. Evelyn’s sporty style will inspire you to work out and look stylish while you’re at it.

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