Women of the Year 2023: Meet the Dynamic Trio of Salomé Das, Bay Doucet, and Aisyah Razip

Meet our trailblazers, dripped in Marciano.

Sophistication, resilience, and elegance are the three defining traits that come to mind when we reflect on our unforgettable encounter with the dynamic trio and our esteemed Women of the Year Salomé Das, Bay Doucet, and Aisyah Razip.

Imbued with talent, grace, and charm, the class of 2023 is a celebration of powerful women whose influence reverberates across the digital and social spheres. To mark this momentous occasion, we treated these luminaries to a luxurious getaway at the magnificent Mangala Estate Boutique Resort in Kuantan, Pahang.

The Mangala Estate Boutique Resort proved to be a serene oasis, offering an idyllic retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life. It was the perfect backdrop for showcasing a wardrobe that exudes glamour and sophistication. We adorned these remarkable women in Marciano – a brand renowned for its silhouettes that embody a young, sexy, and adventurous lifestyle.

As these trailblazing women frolic around the resort, they fully embraced the elegance and verve of the Marciano ensemble. Posing for the camera while showcasing their favourite Marciano looks, the trio shared their thoughts on this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Salomé Das, in particular, could hardly contain her excitement, beaming, “I’ve been a huge fan of Marciano for the longest time, and now, as Harper’s Bazaar 2023 Women of the Year, I finally have the opportunity to don the brand and live out my dream. Words can’t express how exhilarated I am right now.”

Aisyah is positively smitten with her chosen silhouettes – a breathtakingly beautiful flowy ensemble that exudes elegance and grace. “You can never go wrong with this flowy ensemble, and I love how pretty it makes me feel in it,” she gushes. It’s no wonder that Aisyah is turning heads wherever she goes – she’s a true vision of loveliness in this show-stopping outfit.

When we spoke to Bay Doucet, she shared, “Being honoured as your Woman of the Year is an amazing experience. It has been wonderful to be surrounded by so many talented women. Having the opportunity to wear these Marciano pieces makes me feel so mature, elegant, confident and ready for a new challenge. I could see myself wearing these to an event, beachside dinners or rooftop drinks with my friends.”

Elevating your confidence to new heights has never been easier, thanks to the breathtaking prints and billowing ensembles of a Marciano wardrobe staple. With its signature style and timeless elegance, a Marciano piece is a must-have for any fashion-forward woman looking to make a statement.

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Amalina Anuar is the Digital Director of Harper's Bazaar Malaysia. From covering the latest runway trends to the hottest happenings in Kuala Lumpur, she also delves deep into all things lifestyle and beauty.