Dazzle Your Diamonds with Damiani’s Bridal Range

Damiani celebrates this union of the diamond and heart in its creations, enhancing the diamond’s symbolic value of everlasting love. The Damiani Bridal Collections feature precious diamonds set in jewellery that reveal the beauty of every woman.

Damiani Solitaire Collections

Bocciolo depicts the bud, the symbol of grace and femininity par excellence, encloses the mystery of eternal rebirth with elegance and freshness and, with its rounded form, recalls the perfect completeness inherent in nature. The Bocciolo solitaire ring, inspired by the floral symbolism often found in Enrico Damiani’s favourite creations in the 1930s, features a particular soft, enveloping setting which surrounds and encloses the diamond like a crown of petals with its delicate shape, enhancing its luminosity with elegance. The result is perfect harmony – a flower still to blossom of inimitable lightness, vivid yet protected. The Bocciolo Jewellery collection includes the solitaire, diamond studs, necklace and earrings, that fully embodies the charm evoked by the gem and honours its iconic nature with refined romantic and modern creations.


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