Diamond & Platinum Honours Its Estrella 20th Anniversary With Love and Diamonds

Diamond & Platinum Estrella

It’s time to shine bright like a diamond

Symbolising love and power, diamonds echo everlasting romanticism, precious objects of art, and stylish heirlooms that can be pass-down for generations. Whether sculpted into a sparkling strand of a necklace or cleverly cut and set onto sophisticated ring structures, the prowess of diamonds is that they are a forever classic – a mainstay in every women’s jewellery collection. The best kind of diamonds are always those that can add to one’s personal style and Estrella Diamond exudes just that. 

Throughout the years, the Diamond & Platinum has paid homage to the beauty of the natural diamond and gemstone – celebrating not only their rare, beautiful selections but perfect cut, colour, shape, clarity, and scintillation. Now, introducing a fresh take on diamonds, the jewellery brand has unveiled a momentous milestone for them with their luxe brand, Estrella Diamond.

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As the name suggests, the luxe brand uses Estrella Diamonds – a rare diamond that has the perfect cut and eight perfectly symmetrical hearts and arrows. Only less than 0.1 per cent of the world’s finest diamonds qualify to be an Estrella Diamond, meaning Diamond & Platinum are holding the highest echelons of diamonds in the jewellery world.

Bringing out the best brilliance, fire, and sparkles, the Estrella Diamond achieves the highest light performance grading – proven with dual certification – making it the crème de la crème of all diamonds. This means, wherever you go you’ll be beautifully sparkling.

Here’s everything you need to know about the collection:

Unveiling its Estrella Diamond 20th Anniversary, the brand is embarking on a new journey of unparalleled craftsmanship and timeless beauty with diamonds. With two decades of brilliance in its repertoire, the brand is celebrating its finest treasuries; their Estrella Del Sol, Estrella Mio, Estrella Belleza, and Estrella Valiente collection. Depicting a fairytale-like narration, these pieces of jewellery are shrouded in glamour, love, and elegance.

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These collections have precise jewellery work and settings, which allows the precious stone to gracefully illuminate the pieces within the collection. Chosen in a variety of cuts, the collection sees pieces such as earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces poetically following the movements as well as silhouettes of the diamonds.

Dominating the luxe brand is the Estrella Del Sol – Star of The Sun – series that encapsulates the essence of the sun through its diamond-paved rings. Each adornment in this collection showcases a magnificent centre diamond embraced by an exquisite halo of minuscule diamonds. On the other hand, the Estrella Mio – My Star – collection exudes an elixir of love with a long, flowing necklace that’s captivating with its pentagonal edges and linear centrepiece array of diamonds. 

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The Estrella Belleza then enchants us with its floral geometric silhouettes that emanate blooming inspiration, freedom, and irresistible charm. The collection sees a white gold stunner that’s composed of delicate ribbons of diamond pave set onto earrings. Lastly, the Estrella Valiante collection reigns superiority with its regal and exquisite core that embodies refined opulence. The collection has head-turners such as asymmetry pieces of bracelets. 

Pushing its imaginative boundaries even further in its quest to create the most prestigious creations, the brand is representing the very best in artistry, creativity, and exceptional craftsmanship with its Diamond & Platinum signature luxe Brand, Estrella Diamond.

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