FRED Brings Sunshine With Their Unparalleled Jewellery


Celebrate the joie de vivre spirit with FRED, in the heart of the French Riviera. 

For almost 90 years, FRED has captured the hearts of jewellery connoisseurs all over the world with its light, warm and blissful aura. With unprecedented savoir-faire, technical expertise and artistry, FRED and its founder, Fred Samuel, have presented their manifesto as living a well-lived life. 

Inspired by the French Riviera — a beloved place adored by Fred Samuel and the Maison — the brand’s unique identity of the “joie de vivre spirit” is what gives the brand its distinct character. In honour of their rich history, FRED unfolds the beauty of love, sunlight and life with its newest campaign, The Sunshine Jeweler. 

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FRED, The Sunshine Jeweler campaign:

Staged underneath the precious light of the sun, the campaign sees Maison’s starlets and heroes front and centre, leading you to their beautiful world of impressive, historical and stunning jewellery. From the iconic Force 10 to Chance Infinie and Pretty Woman’s jewellery and high jewellery creations, there are tons to adore when it comes to the French Maison and their latest campaign. 

Showcasing their narratives and magnificence under the sun and Riviera, all of the jewellery presented is rooted in emotions and instincts that exude the exceptional savoir-faire of the brand. Be it the laid-back creations or the most eye-catching of them all, FRED has a myriad of relics that are essential to all fashion darlings. 

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Whether you’re thinking of cliff diving into the salty sea water or driving down the picturesque coastline, the brand’s newest campaign makes you feel like you can live every day like a holiday and that life is always full of joy as well as love. 

Discover more about FRED’s latest campaign here

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