Look Elegant In These Minimalistic Jewellery

A SEED (PODS) is a minimalistic jewellery collection ideal for your workwear.

In celebration of the new year, Nelissa Hilman and WASIS Studio launched their latest jewellery collection influenced by the cycle of seasons and the theme of renewal. Bidding ode to renewal and growth, the house is breathing a new life with its handcrafted, minimalistic, and sustainable collection.

Serene and elegant, the jewellery collection was inspired by botanical seeds and seed pods including wildflowers, roses, and gourds. Functional and chic, the minimalistic pieces are ideal for your workwear.

The 12-piece contemporary collection, which consists of rings, earrings, and brooches was handcrafted and plated with 24-karat gold.


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BITA (Cucurbita)

workwear jewellery

Its’ bold, distinctive shape and colour embellished an understated look with confidence. The essence of the pieces was inspired by the humble seeds of the Cucurbita family, which carries a sense of grounded and reliability.

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Wearing: Stud Earrings & Ring


CAIA (Sapucaia)

Inspired by the seedpods of Sapucaia, Caia nurtures with wisdom yet sometimes surprises you with their playful tricks – this time it is shaped like a cooking pot.

Wearing: Ring


LUNA (Lunaria)

workwear jewellery

A striking look wouldn’t be complete without Luna. Inspired by the moon-like seedpods of Lunaria, the piece values honesty and encourages stoic behavior that thrives among wildflowers in open fields.

Wearing: Hook Earrings


FERA (Nucifera)

Fera earrings are inspired by the seedpods of Nucifera (lotus) for wearer to enjoy the company and moment of peace. The flowers have boundaries protecting them from negative elements allowing them to reawaken and rise every morning in their true best self.

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Wearing: Hook Earrings


MAHA (Mahoni)

workwear jewellery

Resilient yet gracious, Maha stands still and enjoys feeling the wind in their hair. Known for its strength and durability, the brooch is inspired by the seeds of Mountain Mahogany, a tree that belongs to the rose family.

Wearing: Maha Brooch



For more information, visit the official website.