BAZAAR Tries: Bento Cake Decorating at The Weekend Workshop

Cake Decorating

Life is what you bake of it

When the inner whirrings of your mind are churning stressful thoughts, finding a little bit of calm amid your chaotic schedule can be dispiriting. But, as the weekend approaches, there’s nothing more satisfying than discovering ways to keep a positive light in your life. Instead of falling into the pits of stress, cap off your week with delightful activities to indulge in — for us, we’re loving bento cake decorating at the moment. 

In this month of BAZAAR Tries, we headed off to The Weekend Workshop for a little self-love time, decorating a cake. Be it if you’re going with your best friend or lover, this is one of the most wholesome activities that can boost your happiness. 

All you need to know about Bento Cake Decorating at The Weekend Workshop: 

Tucked in a further-flung neighbourhood, The Weekend Workshop is offering plenty of local and creative charm we can’t resist. From acrylic painting to candle making and cake decorating, the studio will instantly bring out your imagination, creativity and merriment. This spot cultivates a sanctuary to promote healthy habits and living, while also luring you in with its minimalistic and warm interiors. 

“We believe art is something that makes you breathe a different kind of happiness, nothing beats a good amount of quality time spent learning a new skill and nourishing yourself,” said The Weekend Workshop

For Valentine’s Day, we opted out for a Galentine’s Day out decorating our own bento cake. With easy-to-follow instructions, kitchen chemistry and the perfect studio, if you’re eager to learn, this workshop is made for you. Whether you’re a newbie or a baking enthusiast, this workshop is beginner-friendly and you’ll have tons of fun, colour-making and learning basic piping skills. The best part? You get to bring home your cake, admire it and eat it. 

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If baking isn’t your thing, then check out their other workshop activities — trust us, the list is endless. Discover more about The Weekend Workshop and its activities here

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