5 of Davika Hoorne’s Movies And TV Shows to Watch

Davika Hoorne


Big names from Thailand, such as Thai-Belgian actress, Davika Hoorne are finally settling into their place in the entertainment industry with a bang. The fashion darling and actress rose to prominence with her impressive acting in the horror film Pee Mak. Besides that, she’s also known for her role in romantic comedies that has fans fawning over her. 

Below we’ve rounded up the best movies and TV shows to watch that star Davika Hoorne.

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5 of Davika Hoorne’s Movies and TV Shows to Watch Now:

Pee Mak

Known as the film that put her in the spotlight, this horror movie will keep you on the edge of your seat. The story follows Mak who finally returns home after the war. Upon arrival, he sees how terrified the village is of a certain ghost. He then hears rumours that the ghost is Mak’s wife Nak. This TV show is based on Thai folklore.

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My Ambulance

Made for the hopeless romantics, this TV series is swoon-worthy. Following the life of an emergency centre resident, the show sees his struggles in choosing between 2 girls who he loves.

Heart Attack

If you need a light and sentimental piece, then this one is for you. The film follows Yoon, a workaholic 30-year-old freelancer who falls in love with his doctor. After suffering a heart attack, he couldn’t find a way to tell her about his undying love.


Starring alongside Burberry fashion ambassador, Vachirawit Chivaaree a.k.a Bright, this light-hearted romantic Thai series is one to watch. The show follows an influencer who is struggling in life and ends up meeting a boy from her university. However, after a long time of separation, she ends up not recognising him even though he remembers every inch of her.

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Suddenly Twenty

Instead of accelerating in age, this comedy film sees an annoying grandma who winds up being 50 years younger after stepping into a photo studio. Think of it as ala 13 Going on 30. After the old woman learns that her son is planning to send her off to a nursing home, she ends up getting a second chance to enjoy life. 

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