Evelyn Marieta Colours Her World With The New Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4

The advent of foldable phones puts a premium not just on state-of-the-art technology, but on space. The Galaxy Z Flip4 is gorgeous to look at and has enough room for you to properly work, play, and everything in between. This new generation smartphone greets you with new enhanced features and intuitive improvements made for a better user experience.

For instance, the Galaxy Z Flip4 gives a fold-up feature that fits neatly in your pocket, recalling the legendary retro design from the late 90s, which is so loved by entrepreneur and Wunderbath founder, Evelyn Marieta.

“I love the fact that the new smartphone is foldable, compact, and easy to carry around,” said Marieta.

The era of planning looks around your phone and is here to stay. Small but mighty when folded, Galaxy Z Flip4 is a compact full-sized smartphone, and just the right size to slip in a pocket when it’s time to dress to kill, especially for Marieta.

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More reasons to invest in one of these smartphones, the latest Galaxy Flip4 has also charmed us with its multi-tasking tools, enhanced productivity, customisation capabilities, self-expression possibilities and durability.

The 6.7-inch display of the Galaxy Z Flip4 unfolds a beautiful view thanks to ultra-thin glass advanced durability, which makes it stronger than ever — staying tough through more than 200,000 folds. This stylish gizmo will definitely garner the likes of everyone.

With its new enhanced productivity, the Galaxy Z Flip4 has also expanded to a 3,700mAh battery, making it easier for people to connect, watch, and capture without needing to charge all the time. Making it easier for moms such as Marieta to work, slay, and play all at the same time.

For Marieta, who loves to make things personal, the new foldable allows the users to customise the phone inside and out. They can curate their phones to complement their style with custom fonts, icons, and designs.
You can even curate the Cover Screen with new clock designs and backgrounds in various formats such as images, GIFs, and video.

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Loved by the mom and entrepreneur, the smartphone holds great value and assets for her friends and family too. Watch the videos below to see some of their first impressions of the stylish, foldable gadget.

For more information about the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4, visit Samsung.com