8 Times Kim Kardashian West Matched with North West

Kim Kardashian West’s mini-me just looks so adorable standing next to her, especially when they’re dressed like twins! So here are BAZAAR’s top 8 favourites of Kim and North West’s twinning moments.

1.|  When both mother and daughter showed up in sequined Vetements dresses at Kanye’s concert. (Also North’s first concert!)

2. | Channeling their inner mermaids in real life.

3. | In matching flower crowns on Snapchat.

4. | The West’s beach day where Kim and North matched in white bikinis.

5. | When the entire clan showed up in YEEZY x BALMAIN pieces in support of Kanye’s collection.

6. | Kim and her mini-me sported a box braid for Christmas in 2015.

7. | The duo kept their outfits in complementary, earth-toned color schemes.

8.|  Kim and North decked out from head to toe in black Givenchy pieces.