Awal Ashaari Speaks to Us About Fatherhood, Life, and Work

Today marks Father’s Day—the time dedicated each year to honouring the profound impact and invaluable contributions that fathers and father figures make in our lives. It’s about showing your pops some appreciation on this special occasion. Always putting their families first, fathers have unique challenges and responsibilities to bear. And, without them, some of us wouldn’t be where we are today.

We recently talked to Awal Ashaari about the nuances of fatherhood and the sacrifices fathers make in the name of love. Through our conversation with the actor, it has allowed us to glean a newfound appreciation for the father figures in our lives.

Awal Ashaari speaks to us about fatherhood and life:

What springs to mind when you hear the word ‘Father’?

10 years ago, the word father sounded very foreign to me. I refused to be called father because of the way our society portrayed fatherhood; as something serious, strict, and not fun. I think fatherhood is so beautiful and I wish I could have been a father earlier! It makes me a better, caring, and protective person. We don’t have a manual to be a great father but somehow we have all excelled. 


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What do you love about being a father?

What I love about being a father is seeing my children grow in front of my eyes, developing skills, and becoming a mini version of me. It was surprising to see that our kids inherited some behaviour and attitude that reminds me of myself or my wife. Looking at them, raising them, and helping them to be a better person at the same time as well as getting unconditional love, respect, and affection from them is what I love about being a father.

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How has fatherhood changed your perspective in life? 

Life is no longer about “You Only Live Once” or “Do or Die”. 

My life is all about how to be a better person and not to risk it. Life is no longer about me, but for those who are waiting at home. I see life as something very fragile and short, so as long as I breathe, I will try to make the best out of it and not do harm or jeopardize it in any way. Yes, it’s our body and we are responsible for it, but we are also responsible to those souls that we brought into this world and we want to live healthy, as long as we can to be with them.


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What’s been your favourite memory with your children? 

My favourite memories with my children have always been the moment when I am alone with them in the car while sending them to school every day. It started when they only knew how to say a few words and we continued doing it every day until they could actually make up sentences and have a good chat. That was one of my fondest memories with my girls.

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How do you balance being a father and work? 

Being a Father is a full-time job and it’s not like a walk in a park. I have to make sure when I’m not working, all attention will be given to them and I’ll try to bond with my kids by doing activities which are not academic related, just to create that fun bonding experience. My wife and I will plan a short trip or staycation to anywhere with them just to have that balance between work and family. 

As for me, I need to have my me time by doing things with my wife, so we often travel together for work without our kids and you can find me dining and partying with friends, just to let off some steam! Most of the time when the kids are asleep, I will have my me time doing something relaxing, listening to my favourite music, and binge-watching a series. 


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What advice do you have for new dads?

To all new Dads out there, fatherhood is really amazing if you know how to juggle them and if you know how to have fun in between. Kids can be very demanding and they sure know how to wrap you around their little fingers. But, don’t fall into that trap, stand your ground, and at the same time be playful about it. No matter how much you love your kids, don’t forget about someone we often neglect; the mother. They need our attention too. Like they said, happy mother, happy family!

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