Cindy Crawford In 24 Hours

The ’90s supermodel in her latest campaign for Re/Done


6.30AM I wake up, check my e-mails to make sure there are no fires, then head down to our home gym with a green tea. I don’t want to miss having breakfast with my family, so I get my workout checked off the to-do list. Often, I’ll take a Jacuzzi outside for 10 minutes first; it’s like my meditation.


7AM I do 20 minutes of cardio, 10 on the Bellicon trampoline, and 10 running stairs. I listen to music and audiobooks—it makes it go faster. I don’t love working out but I love the way I feel afterwards.


8AM I go upstairs and have another green tea. By then my husband, Rande, is up and the kids are surfacing. For breakfast, I’ll make a shake and take it with me if I’m on the run. I put in a cup of almond milk, a cup of spinach, a handful of fresh mint, two scoops of Billy Merritt’s Infinity Greens, and protein powder. There’s a half-hour in the morning when we’re all at the breakfast table. My kids do this version of homeschooling, so we don’t have the early rush like when they were little. My son is the type to sleep in, so I like to be at the table when he is.


9.30AM We live by the beach in Malibu, and I love the casual lifestyle. If I have to head into town for meetings, I’ll wear trousers. I don’t wear dresses and skirts except when I’m going to an event. Chloé and Stella McCartney are my go-to’s, then I put on heels and a belt, and I’ll feel pulled together. I have a big closet. I’ve lived in New York long enough with a tiny closet. I have about 100 pairs of shoes, 20 dresses, and lots of jeans, blouses, and little jackets—mostly leather. Everything is arranged from light to dark. I have some nice bags, but I don’t need the new It bag every season. I also have an archive where I store pieces like my wedding dress and the Versace gown I wore to the MTV Awards. My hair takes five minutes if I’m not starting from scratch. If I have it blown out at a shoot, I’ll make it last. I’ll pin it up at night in a loose bun, then run smoothing serum on the ends or blow out a few strands in the morning. I use my own line, Meaningful Beauty, on my skin. I love our day cream, which has SPF and antioxidants. As I’ve gotten older, I wear less make-up because my skin looks good, so I’m not trying to hide it. I apply By Terry foundation, a little concealer, and some powder, then I comb my eyebrows and finish with a tiny bit of eyeshadow, mascara, blush, and lip gloss. I’ve also been going to facialist Cristina Radu for 15 years for microdermabrasion.

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10.30AM I am either travelling, on a shoot, or working from my home office. I also go into the Meaningful Beauty office in LA about once a week. I try to cram in a lot; we might have a board meeting and go over the profit and loss statements, then I’ll meet with marketing to discuss packaging or how our latest infomercial performed. Recently, we did a shoot with my mother and two grandmothers around the idea of beauty at every age. Here were my 98- and 94-year-old grandmothers, and they still care about beauty. I believe that as women, we are more confident in every area of our lives when we feel like we look good.


1PM For lunch, I like True Food Kitchen’s salmon on kale salad. It’s good except that you need to have a toothbrush. I try to eat good food 80 per cent of the time, but I’m not perfect and it’s too much work trying to be. Mid-morning, I’ll stop by Starbucks and get a green tea latte. I also drink three bottles of water during the day.

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3PM My afternoon is spent answering e-mails and approving photos, copy, and packaging. I also get requests for shoots, and as both my kids have started modelling, I get requests for them. When I was a young model, I felt like if I didn’t take advantage of every opportunity it wouldn’t be there tomorrow. My kids are lucky because I help guide them, although my job isn’t to make the decision for them. I’ve just done a fun collaboration with LA denim brand Re/Done. I knew of them because my daughter and everyone else seemed to be wearing them. There’s a picture of me wearing Levi’s back in the day, which could have been an ad for Re/Done today. I posted it on my Instagram, and the founders reached out. We designed “the Crawford”, a more modern take on the original cut and not quite as high-waisted, as that style looks great on Kaia but like a mom jean on me now.

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6PM I wash my face the second I get in because otherwise, the family are like, “Who are you?” Then I might take a Jacuzzi again, and if my son’s been out surfing or Kaia wants a break from homework, they come in. If Rande’s on his way, he’ll be like, “Wait for me!”


7PM We eat at home half the time and out at somewhere local, like the restaurant Rande owns called Café Habana. If we go out, we’re home by 10.30. When I cook it’s simple: grilled fish, rice, asparagus, and mango salsa. I can’t handle wine anymore; the sulphites make me puffy. We only drink tequila in our house, as my husband started a tequila company, Casamigos. And we always have music on. Rande has a great playlist of classic rock, country, new music, and old.


8.30PM We used to all watch TV together, but the kids have their own social lives now, though my son and I like to watch Game of Thrones.


10.30PM Sometimes, I’ll go on Instagram to stalk my kids and see what they’re doing. And I always have a book going on my Kindle. Usually, after five minutes, my eyes are closed.