Vanessa Hudgens Breaks Free From A Disney Icon To A Gun-Wielding Heroin

Surely, in a post #MeToo world and today’s current state of panic, sisterhood, compassion, and humanity are needed, now more than ever. And with celebrity culture being blown out of proportion, perhaps, it is a time to reflect, and be present. After all, to quote Vanessa’s 2006 High School Musical hit, “We’re All In This Together”.

Has it been hard transitioning from a Disney icon, to a bad-ass female actress? 

The beginning was the toughest time, because all people knew of me was from High School Musical. I really had to put in the work to expand my resumé and be seen in a different light. But I enjoy the process. I’m playing all different types of characters and constantly challenging myself to take on something new.


Photographed: Kat Irlin 

Interview: Amy Yasmine

Stylist: Anna Katsanis/ Art Department 

Styling assistants: Tara Buenaventura, Paulina Castro Ogando

Hair: Mara Roszak using Leonor Greyl/ SWA Agency 

Make-up: Allan Avendano/ SWA Agency