Paris Hilton Just Wore the Sparkliest Jumpsuit to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

Paul Bruinooge Getty Images

Paris Hilton knows how to rock a sparkly look, and has even been known to inspire the next generation of fashion icons like Kendall Jenner with her chic ’90s diamanté dresses.

So it should come as no surprise that for St. Patrick’s Day 2019Hilton donned a low-cut, intensely sparkly jumpsuit that looks incredible from every angle. Sharing a video of the look on Instagram, Kim Kardashian West made it clear that she’s now BBFs with her former employer—Hilton was, of course, the mogul whose closet Kim used to tidy before she found her own fame.

Prepare to gasp at the pure sparkling loveliness of Hilton’s outfit:

In another video, Kardashian West says, “Happy Birthday Paris,” even though Hilton’s birthday was back on February 17. The green decorations seem to suggest that they’re at a St. Patrick’s Day party, but whatever, Hilton’s birthday was always going to be a big deal:

Kardashian and Hilton have been spending a lot more time together in recent months. Memorably, at the Kardashian Christmas party 2018, Hilton and Kardashian hit the slopes together and rode on the same sled through the snow. Talk about unusual bonding experiences:

The reality TV star and DJ recently launched Paris Hilton Skincare, which aims to give users a “youthful, bright complexion without the use of invasive and often dangerous cosmetic surgery.”