The Samsung Galaxy Z Foldables May Just Be Better Than Your Bar Phone

If you had told us in the early 2000s that foldable phones, which were first introduced in 1996, would make a comeback in 2022, we would never have believed it. Now, 26 years after their debut, foldable phones have made a comeback, and incredibly so in the forms of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 and Galaxy Z Fold4.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 and Galaxy Z Fold4 are some of the most versatile smartphones to date and were designed to change the way smartphone users interact with their devices. But, how, you may ask, do foldable phones stack up against the bar phones we’re so used to? Let us count the ways.

It’s compact

We’ve all had an experience where we wished we could fit our phone in a pretty little purse or even our back pocket. The Samsung Galaxy Z series, especially the Galaxy Z Flip4, grant that wish like a genie. Going to a fancy dinner with a tiny evening clutch? The Galaxy Z Flip4 fits right in there. Need to free your hands but don’t want to worry about your phone falling from your pocket or snapping in half when you sit down? The Galaxy Z Flip4 sits as snug as a bug in a rug in your pocket.

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It’s tough

The Samsung Galaxy Z series are tough, even for the biggest phone addicts! They are able to fold and unfold some 100-plus times a day for about five years. Quick math: That’s folding and unfolding the smartphone about 200,000 times. The foldables’ designs also add to its durability with their slimmer hinges, straightened edges, and glossy metal frames.

It’s a multitasking monster

Being foldable means screens split in half which in turn means you have extra screen space to do more things at one go. Take the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 for instance: in addition to actions like drag-and-drop and copy-paste, it also allows for inter-app activity and co-activities like co-watching videos or multiplayer gameplay.

If you’re a workaholic, the Galaxy Z Fold4 gives you an unparalleled mobile work experience with its full Microsoft Office suite, as well as its S Pen functionality which enables users to take notes and doodle while using other apps.

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They have larger screens

Don’t let the small size fool you because if there’s one thing a foldable smartphone will give you, it’s bigger screen sizes. The Galaxy Z Flip4 opens up to a sweet 6.7 inches while the Galaxy Z Fold4 gives you an exciting 7.6 inches with an additional 6.2-inch cover display.

More power for the people

Foldable phones allow for more space in the inner working meaning bigger batteries and better processors. Unlike a bar phone, the Galaxy Z series phones have more real estate on the inside allowing Samsung to expand power to a 3,700mAh battery for the Galaxy Z Flip4, and 4,400mAh for the Galaxy Z Fold4. You’re able to stay connected and productive all day long without needing to be hooked up to a charger. Better processors allow faster functions, and best of all, faster on-screen activity optimal for activities like streaming and gameplay.

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They stand alone

This may seem a teensy bit petty, but when was the last time your bar phone could stand by itself without having to be propped up against something to prevent it from falling? Exactly! The Samsung Galaxy Z series smartphones can stand up without any help at all. That’s definitely a game changer if you ask us!

Discover more about the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 and Galaxy Z Fold4.