Discover The Best Plant-Based Restaurant in KL: Savor

The best Plant-based food in Desa Sri Hartamas is here.

There’s a latest addition to the burgeoning Desa Sri Hartamas dining scene, and it is Savor Restaurant. Opened on 12 October, the restaurant promises to marry global flavours and high-quality, plant-based ingredients — offering an exceptional dining experience.

The Food Philosophy

Inspired by their travels, founders Beverly Thien and David Ng celebrate diversity with their intercontinental menu and range of explosive flavours. With plant-based offerings and nutritious ingredients, there’s nothing you wouldn’t love here. Peter Lee, also a co-founder of Savor believes that this dietary philosophy has contributed to his good health, so he hopes that it’ll help other foodies as well.

Other than that, expect to also see some Bornean-infused dishes that will keep you coming back for more.

The Location and Decor

Nestled in the heart of Desa Sri Hartamas, the plant-based restaurant features a warm, inviting ambience that’s perfect for family meals and get-togethers with friends. With spacious and bright interiors, expect to see wood and rattan pieces of furniture with earthy tones and inlaid tiles.

A Personal Review… 

The Drinks

The drinks menu offers a slew of hot and cold drinks such as fresh juices, smoothies and more. I settled on a pandan and serai tea which came in a glass tea pot. Fragrant and refreshing, the drink reminded me of an afternoon at the spa. I also tried the Cocoa-nut Sweet Potato Smoothie, which can give any chocolate milkshake a run for its money. Thick, rich, sweet and satisfying, this smoothie could be a dessert on its own — highly recommend trying it. 

The Food

On the other hand, the food menu offers an eclectic selection of international dishes that will satisfy your cravings.

Our gastronomical journey started with a typical Sabahan dish; brown rice served with lion’s mane mushroom curry, fried cangkuk manis with yuba and Bambangan salad. 

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The first bite of the nutty brown rice and curry was an eye-opener. The curry was creamy and deliciously fragrant with spices and just enough heat for my palate. I took a bite of the lion’s mane mushroom and to my surprise, the texture was exactly like chicken breast — firm and succulent. The sponginess of the mushroom enabled it to soak up the gravy which was then unleashed upon the first bite. The Bambang salad was a refreshing transition; sourish and sweet with a strong kick from the fresh chilies. It balanced the richness of the curry very well. 

As a person who loves meat, the lion’s mane mushroom was a delight. I never enjoyed the texture of gluten-based “fake meat”, and I am glad that at Savor, they opted to use real ingredients rather than relying on fake meat full of additives.

Nasi Kerabu

The next dish was the Nasi Kerabu. Made from butterfly pea or Bunga Kacang Telang, the rice dish was accompanied by lion’s mane mushroom in percik sauce, tofu skin (yuba) with sambal, ulam-ulaman including daun kesom, bunga kantan, long beans, and bean sprouts, served along toasted coconut. The flavour originated from the fresh herbs, while the percik sauce contributed spice and creaminess. The yuba in sambal is also there to lift the dish and provide it with the umami element for those who might long for it. This is a thoughtful dish and all the little nuance of flavour and texture of the original had been identified and requitted perfectly to satisfy the most discerning tastebuds.

Other must-tries include the Nasi LemakBakso and Laksa Sarawak.

Salted Egg Yuba

The next plate that graced our table was the Salted Eggs Yuba. A plate consisting of basmati rice served with puffs of tofu skin, crispy on the outside, soft and succulent on the inside.

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Alongside it came a creamy, delicious and addictive chickpea sauce. Pour the sauce over, or dip the yuba in it — and the mix is pure deliciousness! This plate could rival any of the best Salted Egg prawns served in any other restaurant. If I were asked for my favourite dish in this restaurant, this would be it, and it is proof to me that plant-based food does not have to be boring, and I could potentially be converted to eating exclusively plant-based.

In between mouthfuls, David explained that the food served at Savor is meant to cater to all palates. The dishes that are meaty, and full of umami flavours cater to flexitarians — these could be people who eat some meat but maybe are vegetarians most of the time, or even those who are meat eaters but like to eat plant-based food from time to time. They also cater to pure vegans and vegetarians who prefer cleaner, less meaty textured foods, hence the diversity of the menu.

The Western Menu

The Western menu offers a wide variety of options from the Prince of Persia Platter including tangy beetroot hummus and roasted eggplant dip served with flatbread. The latter reminded me of muhammara, the Middle Eastern red pepper dip, but creamier and a little smoky. 

There is also a Plant-based Burger that’s served with a succulent patty made from beetroot, walnut, edamame, carrots, and oats — all things that are good for you with no preservatives or chemicals and served alongside yummy sweet potato fries.

The Stroganoff is another must-try. It’s served with basmati rice, Quorn and beans — a very hearty and warming meal. Another crowd favourite has to be the Irish Shepherd’s Pie — a rich Quorn stew crowned with silky smooth mashed potatoes, baked and served with a side of green salad. If you are introducing plant-based food to a young child, I think this dish would be happily eaten without question.

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As we came to the end of our dining experience, two desserts were brought to the table.

The first was called Silky Decadence – two long rectangles of unassuming-looking chocolate logs with a dusting of what looked like cocoa powder. Cold, luscious, and chocolatey, the texture reminded me of chocolate truffles. The dessert was made from silken tofu, rich dark carob powder, and agave nectar. The taste was definitely out of this world.

The second dessert we had was Mango Peach with a plant-based ice cream. Served with a soft and pillowy sponge that’s covered with creamy ice cream, the dessert was decadent and sinful. This dessert is a must for those who do not really fancy anything with chocolate.

A delightful experience

My experience at Savor has definitely opened the possibility of me eating exclusively plant-based food for the sake of my health and to contribute to the sustainability of the food systems in Malaysia.

The food and drinks served at the restaurant are great examples of the delicious ways that plant-based food can be prepared and served. I did not walk away from the plant-based meal feeling like it was a good imitation of my preferred food. On the contrary, the food at Savor is a version of my favourite foods, and it is a version that I actually, really love.

What are you waiting for?


38G, Jalan 28/70a, Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur

Restaurant Contact

+6011 5430 6870

Operation Hours:

Sundays to Thursdays: 10.00 am to 9.30pm

Fridays: 10.00 am to 4.00pm

Closed on Saturday

Follow Savor on their social platforms Facebook and Instagram and to find out more, or visit