What You Need to Know About HBO’s ‘The Last Of Us’

the last of us

From “Chernobyl” writer Craig Mazin and video game creator Neil Druckmann, “The Last Of Us” is HBO’s latest zombie-like drama.

Based on the critically acclaimed and notoriously famous video game, the new HBO TV Show, “The Last Of Us” is yet another post-apocalyptic tale that is worth watching and it has been renewed for season 2.

Featuring Pedro Pascal from “The Mandalorian” and Bella Ramsey from “Game of Thrones”, the thrilling and emotional spectacle featured admirable performances by them that instantly made the video game adaptation a blockbuster hit. 

the last of us

The new TV show is set before and after a global pandemic destroys civilisation, where a hardened survivor Joel (Pedro Pascal) takes charge of a 14-year-old girl, Ellie (Bella Ramsey) who may be humanity’s last hope. Following a devastating fungal pandemic that’s ongoing for 20 years, survivors must work with each other as they face constant, imminent danger in the form of the infected, zombie-like humans. 

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Fans of the original adaptation will immediately recognise not only beloved shots and visuals from the gameplay, but also settings that resemble those featured in the game. 


The first episode showcased the difference between pre-and post-outbreak life – a pivotal opening that mimics the original game. The second episode featured Joel and Ellie venturing out into the post-apocalyptic world – giving us a crucial introduction to the horrors of the new world. Moving forward, the 10-episode series will continue to feature Joel and Ellie’s journey where their humanity and morals are constantly being tested while they are merely surviving. 

the last of us

While there’s no shortage of violence in the new show, “The Last Of Us” is also heart-wrenching, grief-stricken, and filled with tons of action-packed scenes. The TV show has done an effective portrayal of the concept of post-apocalyptic, love, and humanity themes. 

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Watch the trailer below.

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