Hugo BOSS Makes a Racing Comeback

After 5 years of leaving the electric Formula E series, the German Fashion Brand is making a comeback.

BOSS returns with a new collaboration, partnering with Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant Formula OneTM Team (AMF1). BOSS who was announced as the team’s official Fashion Partner will design and develop looks for the team. So now you’ll start seeing the brand logos in the team’s race drivers’ formal apparel as well as a range of high-performance race and travel wear for the entire team. Signature BOSS styling will also be seen on the official team kit and travel styles, which will combine iconic branding, premium materials, streamlined shapes, and sleek, minimal detailing.

“Our ambition is always to work with strong partners whose defining values match those of our brands. Aston Martin’s impressive power lies in its focus on technology, craftsmanship, iconic and luxury design – all guiding principles that the BOSS brand shares. We are excited to continue our long motorsports legacy with AMF1, and we are looking forward to the many shared experiences we will deliver to fans, with our joint brand power and passion for speed,” said Daniel Grieder, CEO of HUGO BOSS.

BOSS made the decision to return, finding a common ground with Formula One®’s direction. Committed to reducing its global environmental impact through the ongoing use of hybrid technology, Formula One® has announced plans to introduce a 100% sustainable fuel in 2026 and to become a net-zero carbon sport by 2030 through credible offsets and ground-breaking CO2 sequestration programs.

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Click here to visit Hugo BOSS’ official website.

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Images courtesy of Hugo BOSS.