9 Luxury Travel-Friendly Fragrances For Top-Ups On The Go

The best new handbag-sized perfumes, from purse sprays to paintbrushes. By Bridget March

Dispensing your signature scent into a perfume atomiser is one thing, but slipping a chic compact, leather purse spray or perfumed gel into your bag is quite another. Keep these travel-friendly fragrances handy for top-ups on the go.

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1. Chanel

The playful way to wear perfume; this trio of shimmering gels both scent and illuminate the skin. The three pretty pots house the Eau Tendre, Eau Fraîche and Eau Vive versions of Chanel Chance designed to suit your different moods. Perfect for perfuming the neck and décolletage, they double as a delicate highlighter when massaged onto the skin. What’s not to love?

Chanel Chance Three Moods, three x 5ml gels, £60, chanel.com

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