BAZAAR Beauty Awards 2017: Cleansers, Scrubs And Removers To Keep You Squeaky Clean

BAZAAR Beauty Awards 2017 shortlists the best cleansers, scrubs and makeup removers that will refresh and clean your skin.

Glowing skin, highlighted cheekbones sculpted to the Gods, and bold pops of colours—BAZAAR Beauty Awards 2017 showcases the cult favourites and indie newcomers that will take you from runway to Instagram. Consider this your ultimate beauty bible.

As everyone knows, cleansing your skin may very well be the most important step in your skincare routine, as it removes all the grime from the day and preps your skin for further products. Whether it’s removing your makeup or exfoliating your skin with a daily scrub, all are equally crucial. BAZAAR rounds up our top cleansers, scrubs and makeup removers to achieve squeaky clean skin across all skin types.

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Antipodes Hallelujah Lime & Patchouli Cleanser, RM158

1. Best Organic Cleanser

Antipodes Hallelujah Lime & Patchouli Cleanser

Gentle on the skin thanks to botanical extracts and essential oils of patchouli, kawakawa and citrus, this creamy cleanser purifies and revitalises the skin’s surface, and has us raisin’ our hands up in the air.

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