BAZAAR Hair Awards 2017: Best Shampoo For Coloured Hair

An eco-friendly, botanical-based product that enhances dark-toned hair.

Shikai Colour Reflect Deep Shampoo, RM68


Founded in the 1970s by Dr. Dennis Sepp based on the ancient remedial quality of shikakai (acacia concinna), a traditional Indian herb used for cleansing hair, Shikai’s products are developed with fresh, natural ingredients. The Color Reflect Deep Shampoo, for instance, utilises neutralised henna and black malva flower to protect and enhance dark-toned hair.

Why BAZAAR Loves It

An eco-friendly, botanical-based product that amplifies colour tones in a protective way, the ingredients in this shampoo are natural yet highly effective. The “non-colouring” henna provides shine, while the black malva flower extract highlights those hidden browns by enriching them.

Bonus Points

As exposure to sunlight can cause colour to fade, Color Reflect Deep Shampoo also contains a trademarked ingredient, Heliogenol, a natural sunflower extract that acts as a UV filter. If the browns get a little too intense, they can still be washed out easily with another shampoo.

Available at TNS Skin Lab stores nationwide.

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