More Than Skin Deep

Step up your beauty game with Decorté’s super serums, which use advanced formulations to give you a crystal-clear complexion.

The bestselling Decorté Moisture Liposome, RM551.20.

Beyond Beauty

This prestigious skincare brand has always stood out for its dermatological advancements that delivered extraordinary results—a feat not lost on discerning women. Catapulting from its early successes in the 1970s, Decorté soared to even greater heights upon developing its now-signature liposome technology in 1992, which has since found itself bottled in the brand’s best-selling Moisture Liposome.

The liposome is a multilayer microcapsule that extends the lifespan of moisturising effects within the skin, intelligently slow-releasing nutrients layer by layer, and strengthening the skin cells for continuous hydration throughout the day. Liposomes exhibit high affinity with the skin, thanks largely to the close resemblance in composition to the skin cell’s membrane. This allows moisturising agents to permeate the skin’s keratin layer effortlessly, saturating damaged cells to restore a smooth, supple complexion.

The Moisture Liposome Pre Serum also works in synergy with complementary skincare to boost their efficacy. Besides being a reservoir, liposomes also act as a facilitator by triggering cells to improve absorption, enhancing the penetration of each product that follows. This star product is gentle on even sensitive skin, sealing its status as a cult beauty favourite.

Power Players

Clockwise from left: Decorté AQMW Repletion, RM612.60; Decorté iP.Shot, RM378; Decorté Whitelogist Bright Express, RM583.

Hydration Booster: Decorté Moisture Liposome

The first beauty essence to harness the multilayer liposome technology, this serum replenishes parched skin throughout the day in measured doses, ensuring your complexion stays fresh and moisturised for hours on end.With its easily absorbed texture and refreshing sensation, this feather-light formula is perfect for both day and night. Apply directly onto skin after cleansing using just your hands.

Crystallise and Brighten: Decorté Whiteologist Bright Express

When tiresome days render your skin uneven and dull, revive lacklustre skin with Decorté’s finest cutting-edge whitening technology. Formulated using the “bright equaliser” complex, it breaks down melanin clusters and lifts them away naturally for a uniform translucency. Kojic acid EW then inhibits the formation of future dark spots,
while seaweed extract imparts a dewy glow.

Firming and Lifting: Decorté AQMW Repletion

Turn back the clock with this beauty all-rounder that lifts slack skin, tightens pores, and evens out the complexion all at once. Packed with firming double peptides (Stemrise IPG), this serum recovers lost density by replumping skin from the inside out. Over time, skin cells regenerate to regain the skin’s youthful bounce and to reveal a four-dimensional, firmer, more radiant appearance.

Wrinkle Filling: Decorté iP.Shot

Developed based on skin cell research, the iP.Shot delves deep into your skin’s DNA to combat visible signs of ageing. Its star ingredient, the iP-Solution, works by suppressing the change in gene expressions of collagen, allowing collagen synthesis to continue at its highest level. Expect tighter skin and a refined surface from as soon as the first application.


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