Victoria’s Secret Model Bridget Malcolm’s 13 Diet Rules

Victoria’s Secret Model Bridget Malcolm’s 13 Diet Rules

They’re actually very achievable.

For the most part, when Australian model Bridget Malcolm speaks to the media about her diet and exercise regime, it’s in the lead up to a big event. During these periods, Malcolm trains hard and eats lean, likening it to “a boxer cutting weight in preparation for a title bout”.

However, in a recent post on her blog, the model shared what her actual diet looks like. (You know, when she’s not preparing to strut down the Victoria’s Secret catwalk in her underwear.)

“It has come to my attention that all my day-on-a-plates are for when I have been deep in training mode for certain clients,” she begins. “This seems to have perpetuated the myth that I only eat vegetables, protein shakes and gallons of water in a day. I need to break this myth; I only exist like this for very short periods of time throughout the year!”

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Like the rest of us, Malcolm’s diet varies from day to day. However, she does have basic guidelines she tries to tick off on the daily.

Here, the 13 diet rules Bridget Malcolm follows every day:

1. Big serving of leafy greens with lunch and dinner. I have a salad at each meal.

2. An avocado a day. Usually around 4pm.

3. I will always love cherry tomatoes. So sad that summer is over and the delicious sweet ones are disappearing from our farmers market. But I still snack on these regularly.

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4. A gallon of water a day. Easier to achieve than you may think and does wonders for your skin.

5. A serving of nuts a day.

6. A serving of beans a day.

7. I attempt to eat as organic as possible.

8. I attempt to eat my starches from vegetables such as sweet potato or beets, quinoa, brown rice or whole grain pasta.

9. I cook the majority of my meals.

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10. If I want dessert I have it – usually about once a week. Pressed Juicery freeze is an amazing new discovery! But this isn’t dessert. You can’t fool me.

11. If I can’t recognise the word, I don’t eat it.

12. I am attempting to stick to two coffees a day. This is hard. Really hard. I love coffee.

13. I leave a large window between dinner and breakfast. Again, I am an accidental intermittent faster. I find it helps me sleep better if I am not too full, but still a little full. Goldilocks level of full.

From: Harper’s BAZAAR Australia

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