A Look Into Han Chong’s Mood Board For Self-Portrait Spring/Summer ’17

Deviating from her usual flirty disposition, the Self-Portrait party girl gets a tough-luxe makeover with a utilitarian twist. By Amy...

Two words sum up Self-Portrait Spring/Summer ’17: pretty tough. “This season, our Self-Portrait woman is a little bit more utilitarian, bringing together a tougher edge to femininity,” says Malaysian-born founder and creative director Han Chong. A study of juxtapositions, the conventional gets tied in with the unconventional; think voyeuristic sheers paired with elegant silhouettes. Elsewhere, croc-embossed PVC trousers contrast against a frilled sheer knit, while a cut-out utilitarian skirt is matched with a floral bralette. “We experimented with new fabrics like bonded shirting and patent leathers, challenging us to design in a new way, creating fresh silhouettes,” adds Han. “It’s something for our Self-Portrait woman to play with and style her way.”

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Han Chong’s mood board for his Self-Portrait label this season encompasses conceptual images, including Robert Mapplethorpe’s portrait of Patti Smith

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