Anna Sui Exhibition: Go Inside The Designer’s New London Retrospective

Sui, the first US designer to be given a British retrospective, discusses her show at the Fashion and Textile Museum....

Believe it or not, Anna Sui is the first American designer to be given a British retrospective. ‘The World of Anna Sui’ runs from 26 May to 1 October at the Fashion and Textile Museum in London, and allows guests to explore the history of her career – from her first catwalk show in 1991 right through to present day – featuring more than 100 looks from the designer’s archive.

Click through for a preview, in which Sui discusses some of her favourite pieces on show.

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Image by Fashion and Textiles Museum

“It’s rather incredible to be the first American designer to have a retrospective in the UK, but in all honesty, it happened by chance – a bit serendipitous. I always made sure to visit the Fashion and Textile Museum during my trips to London and happened to run into Celia Joicey, the head of the museum, one day in the gift shop. The two of us decided to grab a coffee, the idea developed and she then sprung the question if I’d be interested in having my own exhibition. Dennis Nothdruft, the curator has also always been a big supporter of mine. Timed to my book The World of Anna Sui, the exhibition encouraged the two to play off each other, inspire one another. I guess you could consider it the perfect storm.”

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