BAZAAR Pink Project 2017: Designer Collaborations

BAZAAR commemorates 10 years of bringing breast cancer awareness in spreading one very important message. By Emmilyn Yeoh

BAZAAR commemorates 10 years of bringing breast cancer awareness to the fore with chic collaborations, familiar faces, and high spirits, in an effort to spread one very important message. By Emmilyn Yeoh. Photographed by Aaron Lee. Styled by Mughni Che Din.

Since the birth of the first Harper’s BAZAAR Pink Project in 2008, BAZAAR has delved into a subject that was once considered taboo, and has pledged to raise breast cancer awareness in one way or another. From collaborating with Nick Munro, award-winning British designer and pewter collaborator at Royal Selangor, to an exclusive pink T-shirt partnership with LA fashion label, T-Bags, the message of courage over adversity has never been stronger. Ten years later, and the conversation continues as BAZAAR turns to some of Malaysia’s most prominent fashion designers to be a part of a project that’s dear to our hearts. The result is nine exclusive pink merchandise, from pearl-studded ribbons to batik-inspired tote bags in a show of solidarity and a symbol of empowerment. With proceeds going to Breast Cancer Foundation, BAZAAR invites all women of strength and character to join us on our journey of highlighting breast cancer awareness through our series of fashionable images, which capture the essence of pride, love, and life. With each turn of the page, remember: wear a ribbon, make a difference.

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Designers of Zsay, Zuu Saha and Amirra Yuhanna

Zuu Saha and Amirra Yuhanna, Zsay

The Zsay jean patch for BAZAAR Pink Project 2017 is … Spontaneous, quirky, and unique. We wanted the design to be fun and different, perfect for those with a bit of character to stand out from the crowd.

The perfect pink outfit … A little pink dress for femininity on certain occasions, or spice up your pink jumpsuit with a tailored black blazer to channel fierce androgyny.

Wear it like you mean it … Women should feel confident, special, and beautiful in their own skin, and we hope our design helps them achieve that. As religious individuals, we think that women should keep their faith when going through the tough times. Be strong and remember that we are all in this together.

Zsay denim patch



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