#TheList: The Return Of Super Small Sunglasses

Love them or hate them, ’90s frames are back. By Lauren Alexis Fisher

Image by Splash

Just when you thought we were running out of trends to revive from the ’90s, another nostalgic piece has slowly been making its comeback: teen, tiny sunglasses. Though not entirely practical for UV ray protection (and you know, actually blocking the sun from your eyes), the micro frames reigned as the ultimate cool girl statement in the ’90s and early 2000s. Now making their return as the shades of choice for the It girls of 2017 (namely Bella Hadid) and the fashion blogger set, the retro frames are officially back. Shop the looks of the season below.

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1. Nineties Nostalgia

Image by Getty

Extra small specs quickly rose as the ultimate edgy eyewear statement of the ’90s, worn by every cool girl from Lisa Bonet to Drew Barrymore and Aaliyah. The smaller, the better.

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