Exclusive: 11 Questions with Nanon for Coach’s Concept Store Opening in TRX

Nanon and YUGYEOM headlined the Coach Concept Store opening at The Exchange TRX on 2 February 2024.

Coach ribbon cutting ceremony

Image credit: Coach

The luxury mall echoed with chants of the Thai actor-singer’s name, amplifying the adrenaline and vibrancy of the event. Donning his favourite Coach bag, Nanon looked elegant on the crimson carpet as he officiated the event with a ribbon-cutting ceremony, joined by South Korean singer YUGYEOM. Joining them in the ceremony were General Manager of Tapestry SEA & Oceania Campbell O’Shea, Project Director for The Exchange TRX and Head of Retail for Lendlease Malaysia Mitch Wilson, and local celebrity Daiyan Trisha. 

What you need to know about Nanon:

Image credit: Coach

Thai television actor, singer and model, Koraphat Koetphan, affectionately known as Nanon, is no stranger to the entertainment scene in both Thailand and worldwide. Hailing from a family with acting roots, Nanon has been in the industry since he was three months old, appearing in commercials and magazines. 

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As he matured, he delved deeper into the art of acting, carving a path for himself in the industry. More recently, Nanon has ventured into the realm of music, showcasing his versatility.  

The multifaceted artist is renowned for his leading role in popular dramas such as Secret Love: My Lil Boy & My Lil Boy, My Dear Loser and The Gifted. In 2023, he released his first full-length album, The Secret Of The Universe. Fans are eagerly anticipating his upcoming concert, Born To Concert, scheduled for March.  

Nanon mentions that his years of industry experience have not only influenced his personal growth but also his personal style. His love for timeless pieces was evident in his wardrobe selections during the Coach’s store opening.

Read on to gain exclusive insights into Nanon’s career, plans for 2024, and fashion perspectives.

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11 exclusive questions with Nanon:

Image credit: Coach

How does it feel to be a part of the Coach concept store opening at The Exchange TRX?

Nanon: I am extremely excited! I feel very honoured to be here as part of this Coach event.

Can you describe your personal style?

N: Easy to wear, sporty, and cool. 

What is your favourite Coach bag?

N: The Charter Slim Crossbody. It’s convenient, lightweight, and functional.

What is the best fashion advice you could give to your generation?

N: Don’t conform, just do it.

Has your acting career influenced your fashion style? Does it change based on the roles you play?

N: Each role I take embodies different characters, and their fashion choices reflect that. It’s possible that when portraying a specific character, my fashion and style are influenced by their persona.

How did acting since a young age influence your personal growth and life experiences?

N: I feel like I’ve shouldered more responsibilities than others. Compared to my peers, it made me mature before my time.

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If you could choose any role or project to work on, what would it be

N:  I would love to take on something more complex like a psychological thriller. Perhaps, as a villain instead of the leading role.

What do you have planned for this year?

N: I have my first concert, Born To เบียว (Beo) concert scheduled for March and I wish to work on a second or mini-album.

What do you look forward to the most when visiting Malaysia on this trip?

N: The Twin Tower and the beach.

What are your essential travel items?

N: My phone and a small bag. I don’t like carrying things with my hands, so I prefer a small, easy-to-carry bag like the Coach Charter Slim Crossbody.

What would you like to say to your Malaysian fans?

N: Thank you for always supporting and following my work. I love you all so much.