Exclusive: 11 Questions with YUGYEOM for Coach’s Concept Store Opening in TRX

YUGYEOM officiated the Coach’s concept store opening at The Exchange TRX on 2 February 2024.

Yugyeom at Coach

Image credit: Coach

YUGYEOM of GOT7 was the centre of attention as he attended the Coach’s Concept store opening at The Exchange TRX. Predictably, the star-studded event drew in diehard fans, who swarmed the venue, crowding over up to the third floor surrounding the store. Draped in Coach apparel, the K-pop idol officiated the event with a ribbon-cutting ceremony alongside Thai singer-actor Nanon.

What you need to know about YUGYEOM:

Yugyeom GOT7

Image credit: Coach

South Korean singer, songwriter, and dancer YUGYEOM is best known as the youngest member of GOT7. In 2021, following the end of his contract with JYP, the K-pop sensation signed under the record label AOMG. Subsequently, he transitioned himself as a solo artist under the label.

YUGYEOM has garnered widespread recognition for his versatility and talent. His discography includes famous releases such as the single “LOLO”, featuring prominent Korean star Lee Hi, and his debut solo mini-album Point of View:U. Building anticipation for his forthcoming full-length album as a solo artist, titled Trust Me, YUGYEOM recently dropped his latest single “LA SOL MI”.

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As expected, the star glows with charm and charisma. He exhibits a keen eye for detail in his fashion choices and seamlessly integrates fashion into his work. His years of industry experience allowed him to develop unique styles that reflect his personality. 

BAZAAR was thrilled to have the privilege of sitting down with the down-to-earth star, delving into his careers, upcoming plans, and fashion insights.

11 Exclusive questions with YUGYEOM:

Yugyeom at TRX

Image credit: Coach

How does it feel to be a part of the Coach’s concept store opening at The Exchange TRX?

YUGYEOM: I’m pleasantly surprised and thrilled to be invited. Obviously, I’m excited to meet my Malaysian fans. 

Can you describe your personal style?

Y: My style is relaxed and chill. I pay attention to how my clothes fit, often opting for unbalanced matching. If my top is loose, I’ll pair it with tight-fitting pants or vice versa.

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How would you describe Coach in a few words?

Y: Perfect fitting. I usually have to tailor my clothes, but Coach fits me perfectly. 

What is your fashion must-have from Coach?

Y: Their bags.

What is your favourite Coach bag?

Y: The grey Coach Hitch Backpack. 

How does your fashion relate to your music?

Y: My style mirrors the tone and themes of my music and this is especially evident in my music videos. It’s important for me to ensure that my clothing choices reflect the mood and energy of my music.

For your first full-length album, are there any particular aspects that you focus on the most?

Y: Storytelling. There is a flow to everything, to the whole album. I poured a lot of time and effort into crafting all the 14 songs listed. Moreover, I produced the whole thing, from track names down to their sequence, to ensure a great flow of storytelling to the listeners. So, I suggest that everyone listen to each song in order, track by track from first to last. 

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What is your essential travel item?

Y: Sunscreen is crucial. My body doesn’t tan easily; however, my face does. Now, it’s an essential item whenever I travel.

For Ahgases

What do you have planned this year?

Y: My upcoming full-length album is centred around my fans. So, I wish to organise more events to interact with them.

What do you like about Malaysia?

Y: I heard that I have many Malaysian fans, and instantly, I know it will be a great experience here. Without a doubt, I’ll go home with a collection of good memories.

What do you have to say to your Malaysian Ahgase?

Y: Thank you, Ahgase, for placing your trust in me. All the work that I do is for my fans, hence, I hope you’ll continue to stay strong alongside me. Saranghaeyo, I love you all.