5 Impactful Fragrance Picks for the Discerning Man

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While there are many ways you can elevate your personal style such as with your choice of outfit or accessories, the right perfume can do a lot in enhancing your persona. What fragrance you wear makes as much of an impact as the right shirt or footwear, and is an indication of what you want to express on the outside. The way you smell can make a lasting impression on someone new. If you’re thinking about switching up your scent, here’s a list of men’s fragrance options to consider. Read on. 

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Calvin Klein Eternity For Men Cologne

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If you’re looking for a sporty daytime men’s fragrance, the Eternity Cologne for Men is a perfect choice. It’s clean and masculine thanks to top notes of ginger and juniper berries. Other accords to take note of are cardamom, lentisque, bourbon geranium, and moss that bring out a fresh, semi-aquatic feel.

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