3 Tips to Choosing Your Right Belt

We often think that the purpose of our belt is to just hold our pants up. What if we told you that this seemingly small accessory can either tie your whole look together or end up breaking it?

Here are 3 things you should keep in mind when picking out this wardrobe fundamental.

Tip No. 1: Know When to wear a belt.

The general rule of thumb is to wear a belt whenever your pants have belt loops. Not doing so can make your outfit look incomplete. Especially if you are going for something more on the formal side, a belt is a must. Regardless of whether you are thinking of wearing a belt or not, always make sure that your pants are well-tailored to avoid any bunching.

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Tip No. 2: Bigger is NOT Always Better

We all know the saying, “the bigger the better”. That doesn’t necessarily apply in every situation. When we talk about size, take particular care of the width and length of your belt. You won’t want something bulky or a belt that is too short. An easy way to determine the right length is to simply add 2 inches to your pants waist size.

Tip No. 3: Statement OR Accent Piece

One of the biggest considerations to make is to decide whether you want your belt to be the centrepiece or accent piece of your look. Your belt can either complement the rest of your outfit or demand complete attention.

Besides that always pay attention to its colour, pattern and material. There is a broad range of men’s belts out there to suit every body type and style. To kickstart your journey to find your perfect belt click here to find out our favourite belts which will keep you in style in 2023.

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