David Beckham Met the Mother of Dragons and He Was Seriously Starstruck

  • David Beckham loves Emilia Clarke as much as we do.
  • Victoria Beckham’s husband attended a Fleetwood Mac concert in San Francisco and got to hang out with Game of Thrones star backstage.
  • Beckham said that he was starstruck about “being in the same vicinity of the Mother Of Dragons.”

David Beckham proved that he’s a major Game of Thrones fan this week.

Sharing a super cute photo he had taken with Last Christmas actress Emilia Clarke, Beckham revealed that he’s a not-so-secret Game of Thrones fanboy, and who can blame him? After bumping into Clarke at a Fleetwood Mac concert in San Francisco, the former soccer star couldn’t stop himself from posting about the experience on Instagram.

Beckham wrote, “Again I was a little star struck whilst being in the same vicinity of the Mother Of Dragons … So nice to see @emilia_clarke in San Fran whilst being wowed by Fleetwood Mac ? #dreamforce2019.” We’d feel exactly the same if we got to hang out with the Mother of Dragons, too.


The soccer player also had photos taken with several Fleetwood Mac members, including Stevie Nicks. Understandably shook by the iconic experience, Beckham wrote, “What a night in San Fran seeing Fleetwood Mac ❤️Stevie Nicks ❤️.”


Clarke also posted about the concert on Instagram, and shared snaps and a video clip of Nicks bowing to the Mother of Dragons. She captioned the photos, “NO BIG DEAL…. Stevie just wanted to say hi… ON STAGE. @stevienicks I LOVE YOU Thank you @davidbeckham for capturing the greatest moment of my life thus far… ??? @dreamforce you have spoiled me with your generosity of inspirational speakers!”