Discover 6 Ways to Style a Denim Jacket

It’s time to get a fresh take on denim looks!

Men's Style in Denim

Most of us have a denim jacket in our wardrobe. It’s a classic garment that transcends gender and fashion, along with influences from characters and fashion brands that denim jackets are loved by many. The answer is ‘no’ for men who struggle with whether or not a denim jacket will look out of place with their age. Fashion as reincarnation becomes more valuable and flavorful with age. After all, denim-wear is timeless, easy to style, comfortable, and the outfit options are endless.

A perfect presentation of denim depends on its exquisite tailoring with mastered integral modelling. It can be the finishing touch adding a sense of trend to your overall outfit when bringing the fashionable yet comfortable without the need to be overly selective with your clothing. But, among the most beautiful thing you wear is confidence. 

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Elegance for Men in Dark Blue

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The dark denim fabric is a style ahead of the curve and is timeless. It’s versatile, and often worn on formal occasions. A timeless denim jacket should be natural and calm in colour – without harsh and exaggerated decoration.

A Different Colour Scheme in Denim

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While a blue denim jacket is certainly great, you can also try a style in black, or white for summer. Propelling yourself to be bold and experiment with a variety of shades take you to a distinctive style. Akin to army green, cream, and even pink, which has become popular in recent years.

Choosing the Classic Cut That Fits

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Far more than just selecting the colours. Choosing the right cut and fit is vitally important – as it relates to the shape of the jacket and how well it fits. Loose and oversized garments are ideal for relaxation and a laid-back look. At the same time, a tailored fit looks sharper, which makes them suitable for smart-casual occasions.

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You know…That Simplicity is a Thing

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Often, clothes with minimal designs are way more durable. Avoid styles full of patches, bright prints, or a lot of broken details, especially in casual looks; for a balanced appearance, match the outfits with simple details. The White-tee is perfect, it’s basic and gives you that crisp look.

Merging with a Roll-Neck

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For the more refined workplace – go with a straightforward yet laid-back denim jacket and a turtleneck. Adding some knitwear is a stylish way to increase its appeal. Whether you go with raw indigo or torn stonewash tones on the surface, you can achieve a coordinate effect to set off the sturdiness with the least embellishments.

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Wear with Layers

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Overcoats, shirts, sweaters, and vests provide a perfect foil while looking fantastic underneath a denim jacket. To style your denim jacket in novelty and amazing ways, layer it with different pieces. The overall ensemble will reflect a suave and urban look.

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A good case in point is how denim jackets are placed with collars laying up when framed by more elegant materials.

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